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Welcome to the UU Small Group Ministry Network. Our network is dedicated to creating healthy congregations and a vital Unitarian Universalist movement by supporting and promoting Small Group Ministry. We invite you to enjoy the resources on this site, subscribe to our Covenant Group News e-newsletter, and join us as a member. Members receive print copies of our journal, the SGM Journal. Online archives of the Journal and CGNews are available to all. Your membership makes our support of small group ministry and covenant groups possible.

News and Web Updates    August 14, 2015


Covenant Group News is published 4 times per year in August/September, November, February, and May. Distributed to subscribers electronically.

SGM Journal is published 2 times per year in Fall (October/November) and Spring (April/May). It is distributed to SGM Network members. There is a 3 month delay before the content is posted on the website.

The Website is updated at least monthly, closer to the middle of the month.

Also participate in the SGM Facebook Group for ongoing updates and information.

The May 2015 Covenant Group News has been emailed and is now online. It contains the following articles, in addition to Network information:


  • Letter from the Editor
  • Reflections on Covenant Group Ministry
  • Recommendation for SGM Structure
  • SGM Notes from Congregations
  • Theme-Based SGM on UUA Website
  • Small Group Ministry at GA 2015

The Spring / Summer Journal has been sent electronically and via mail to UU Small Group Ministry Network members. This edition includes:

Bringing Small Group Ministry Out Into the World
Going Deeper with Theme-Based Ministry
UU SGM Network Publications
The Benefits Of Attending Ga For Your SGM Program
Small Group Ministry: A Living Covenant
Facilitators Behavioral Covenant
Learning Deep Listening Skills: Beginning Strategies


A more complete report will be in the Covenant Group News at the end of August.

We talked with over 80 people at the GA Booth, and others took literature but did not stop to talk. We drew people's attention to several specific Network activities. Contact us to add your comments and suggestions, and to get involved with implementation of activities as they evolve.

Survey about the UU Small Group Ministry Network: Several people completed the survey at the booth, and many took the link. We would like to have your input. Please go to http://bit.ly/SGMSurvey2015 The survey takes 10 minutes at the most. We will be compiling the results mid-September. To receive a copy of the survey via e-mail or mail, contact office@smallgroupministry.net

Congregations that have or have had Small Group Ministry/Covenant Groups. The Network is aware of about 340 congregations in the last ten years. We hope to add the listing to the website by end of September. This ongoing compilation. Contact office@smallgroupministry.net to make sure that your congregation is on our list!

Creating and Accessing Session Plans. 1) With over 700 session plans on or linked from the Network website, we continue working on key words to increase accessibility. 2) Discussion about session plans around Holidays and Celebrations indicates a preference to have this as a section in Small Group Session on the website, rather than a printed document. Requests for sessions will be about 3 months before the celebration. (The first request is below). Please also send sessions regarding celebrations within our church life (child dedications, memorial services, weddings and divorces, etc). 3) No one with whom we talked was familiar with session plans in Spanish. Hopefully, raising the question will spark interest in making Small Group Ministry more inclusive. Please let us know about session plans in Spanish or any other language, and if you might be interested in working on creating or translating session plans.

Bringing Small Group Ministry Out Into The World. We introduced a new brochure describes the vision of expanding UU Small Group Ministry/Covenant Groups beyond the congregational "walls" to specific groups (elderly housing, prisons, Youth Ministry, and others). We look forward to hearing from you and hope to have a section of the website designated by October.

Thanks to Kathryn Warrior (Hillsboro, OR), who was Booth Assistant, and Richard (Dick) Loescher (Eugene, OR, and David Tucker (Durham, NC) who volunteered at the booth, as well as contributions by Board members Michelle Collins and Jan Carlsson-Bull.

Helen Zidowecki, GA Booth Coordinator

New Session Plan section on Celebrations:

Presently on the website:
Topic of Celebration, Autumn, Fall, Samhain (and All Souls, All Saints Days)

We would like to include your session plans related to celebrations for November through March, as we develop the separate Celebrations section. Please send them to office@smallgroupministry.net


Dreams Athens, GA (Hansen, Angi)
Be the Change (3 sessions) Schick, Stephen

Auburn, ME, Glenn Turner
Benefits of Anonymity
Channeling Our Inner Jihad
Thinking About Salvation
Afterlife and Immortality
The Purpose of Life Is...

Stony Brook, NY, (Allen, Rev. Margie; Anderson, Rev. Dr. Linda)
Who Am I (2011) Stony Brook, NY
Letting Go (2011)
Listening (2012, Adapted from Turner, Glenn)
Bodies (2012)
Bucket List (2012)
Friendship (2012)
Leisure (2012)

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