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Welcome to the UU Small Group Ministry Network. Our network is dedicated to creating healthy congregations and a vital Unitarian Universalist movement by supporting and promoting Small Group Ministry. We invite you to enjoy the resources on this site, subscribe to our Covenant Group News e-newsletter, and join us as a member. Members receive print copies of our journal, the SGM Journal. Online archives of the Journal and CGNews are available to all. Your membership makes our support of small group ministry and covenant groups possible.

News and Web Updates    February 5, 2016

UU Small Group Ministry Institute 2016

Friday, April 1 (6 pm) - Sunday, April 3 (Noon)
Unitarian Universalist Small Group Ministry Network

Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, 2931 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37919

Visit the Events page for more information


Covenant Group News is distributed to subscribers electronically in August, November, February, and May.

SGM Journal goes to UUSGM Network members in October/November and April/May, with a 3 month delay before being posted on the website.

The Website is updated about the middle of the month.

Participate in the SGM Facebook Group for ongoing updates and information.

The September 2015 Covenant Group News has been emailed and is now online. It contains the following articles, in addition to Network information:


  • Letter from the Editor
  • Small Group Ministry at GA 2015
  • Reflections on the GA Booth Experience
  • Preparing For a New Season of SGM
  • Theme-Based SGM on UUA Website

The Fall / Winter Journal has been sent electronically and via mail to UU Small Group Ministry Network members. This edition includes:

The Significance of SGM: A Reminder
A Covenant Group Success Story
Learning by Training New Small Group Leaders at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge
Chalice Circle Samplers
A New Paradigm for Social Justice Work
History and Evolution Of Small Group Ministry


Seasons and Celebrations:
We would like to add session plans for May celebrations, namely Mother's Day and Memorial Day, to the Network Directory. Please send session plans to office@smallgroupnetwork.net

Theme-Based: Souls Matters Sharing Circle has identified the themes for next few months as: February: Desire, March: Liberation, April: Creation, May: Blessing, June: Simplicity
Session plans being added for present and past themes:
Desire, Newark, DE (Weber, Rev. Andrew) --Theme: Desire
Letting Go, Auburn, ME (Turner, Rev. Glenn) --Theme: Letting Go
Legacy, Vero Beach, FL--Theme: Ancestry

Other Session Plans being added:
Will Creation for Parents of Young Children Athens, GA -- Life Passage
Wisdom of the Hands Palo Alto, CA (Morganstern, Rev. Amy Zucker) -- Life
Dreams (July 2015) Vero Beach, FL -- Personal
Laughter (Aug. 1025) Vero Beach, FL -- Art
Recapturing Childhood (May 2015) Vero Beach, FL -- Life Passages
Scarcity/Abundance (Nov. 2015) Vero Beach, FL -- Personal

Note: I appreciate seeing adaptations with acknowledgment to plans developed by other congregations. This is precisely the sharing that Networking encourages. Your work makes a difference.
In the Session Plan Directory: 725 notations, some with more than one plan. Celebrations Directory: 44 plans HZ


The SGM Institute 2016 is being developed at the invitation of the East TN Cluster of congregations. It is open to other congregations, Please contact the Network for information and resources about developing a SGM event (variable in length and focus) in your area.

We would like your input in updating Implementing. Please visit the document on line. There is a place for notations at the end of each section. Please also send notes to office@smallgroupministry.net, and share on SGM Face Book. We are planning on having revisions available at the Network Booth at General Assembly in June 2016.

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