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In June of 2004 the UU Small Group Ministry Network launched a program to support the development of new UU small group ministry resources. Through membership fees and donations, we are actively develop resources, training materials and publications (SGM Journal and Covenant Group News).

Many of these resources are shared through this website. Some are benefits of being a member of the UU Small Group Ministry Network. Your membership acknowledges your contribution to UU Small Group Ministry, and provides access to more resources. Thank you for joining the Network!

Membership Application - Join or renew online
Click this link and follow the instructions on the next page.
You will be able to pay using Paypal, a credit or debit card (through PayPal), or check.

Small Group Ministry Network Membership
Connects individuals and institutions interested and involved with Small Group Ministry and Covenant Groups. Your membership acknowledges your contribution to strengthening Unitarian Universalism.

These benefits are in addition to access of session plans and other resources on the UU SGM Network website at

Members are subscribed to the SGM Journal and receive the latest issue on joining. Articles from the SGM Journal are published on the website six months after Journal publication.

Members receive the latest edition of Implementing Small Group Ministry.
Congregational members may forward copies of the Journal and Implementing to members of their congregation or organization. Individual members use the publications themselves. (Implementing is available in print or CD at

Discounts on Network publications and Network events are available.

Consultation in program development may be available from experienced leaders.

Members are part of a Members Section of the Network website, where members share information about their programs and is the only place where contact information for other members may be found.

The Small Group Ministry Network provides support to UU congregations through networking, training opportunities, and new resource development.

Help us! Make a Donation

Through membership fees and generous donations we are actively developing resources, workshops, and training materials. Help us help you by making a donation to the Small Group Ministry Network.

Thank you!

For questions or assistance, please contact

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