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Mellen Kennedy Ph.D., M. Div.
UU Small Group Ministry
Co-Founder and Co-Coordinator
Editor, the SGM Quarterly

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Mellen Kennedy, Ph.D., M.Div. is a community minister and community psychologist. She has twenty years of experience working with lay-led small groups both in the community and in congregations. She enjoys working with lay leaders and ministers to help them develop their understanding of and skills with small group ministry, particularly with facilitation. She is a graduate of Meadville Lombard Theological School. She has worked on small group ministry for the past four years with the Center for Community Values. She is co-coordinator and cofounder of the U.U. Small Group Ministry Network. She is editor of the UUSGM Network Quarterly. She resides in Burlington, Vermont where she is a member of the First Unitarian Universalist Society and assists with their Small Group Ministry Program. She also works with the U.U. Fellowship in Stowe, Vermont.

Selected Resources by Mellen Kennedy

An Overview of Small Group Ministry (SGM) Posted 2/2006
A one page overview of Small Group Ministry By M'ellen Kennedy.

Starting and Nurturing Covenant Groups 19 Pages. Posted 10/2004
By Mellen Kennedy, Co-Coordinator of the UU SGM Network

Is Your Group Too Polite? The Balance Between Safety and Risk Members 10/2004
Mellen Kennedy discusses the impact of group members being “too polite” and the important balance between risk and safety. From Fall 2004 SGM Quarterly.


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