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Small Group Ministry Sessions

The top resource requested on our needs survey continues to be small group session plans. On this page you can find sessions that people like you have written and chosen to share with this community. Some of these sessions are posted on this site, others are links to other websites. The sessions below are posted in order of submission and in the format submitted.Thanks to all of you who have written and shared sessions!

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Sharing Sessions Plans is a major way of networking. You need more sessions and so do all your fellow group leaders and participants. And you may have plans to share. If every congregation accessing this page shares one session per year we will have a never ending source of sessions.

Didn't write it down? People say that they have come up with session plans but have not written them down. PLEASE take a moment to write up a draft of what you did. There is a template for doing this. If there is a session plan on the site that is the same topic as one you would like to share, send yours anyway. There are many ways to consider a topic.

Resources as you develop, share, look for session plans:
Session Plan Development/Selection Criteria
Critique of Small Group Ministry Session Plan
Copyright Considerations


Please send sessions plans to: They may be sent in MS Word, RTF, Simple Text or PDF files. Please give your name, congregation and city/state. Sessions plans are posted as they are submitted and there is a variety of styles.

Session plans are not edited by the Network, but we may contact you. We will add the name of the Network on the file so that people are aware of the source. Please always make sure to credit the writers of a session plan as you use it.

Let us know if there is a collection of session plans on your congregation's website, and we will note this in the Collections section on the UUSGM Network website.


SESSIONS From the Main Line Unitarian Church, Devon, PA Collection
Aspects of Hinduism
Aspects of Judaism
Aspects of Orthodox Christianity
Liberal Christianity
Our UU Christian Roots
This I Believe
UU Views of Jesus
What About God
Guess Who Is Coming to Thanksgiving Dinner
Christmas and Hanakkah
Life Passages
Life and Death
Life Passages
Consumerism (2004)
Discovering Your Gifts
Truths We Cannot Prove

Dates: red - added in last 2 months green - added in last 6 months blue - added in last year
 Title  Date  Source: Congregation or name  Topic


Source Description
Newton, MA: First Unitarian Society Session plans
San Jose, CA: First Unitarian Church Session plans, items added regularly
UU Service Committee: Covenant Groups Description of SGM, sessions added regularly
UUA Youth and Campus Ministry Office Covenant Group Curricula for Young Adults, Volume 1 and 2 (includes some session plans)
Helen Zidowecki Session plans on topics such as: celebrations, congregational life, RE, teacher development, social justice, Welcoming Congregation, youth.
Albuquerque, NM Sessions from 6 yrs. Each topic includes a bulletin, homework, and a leader's guide.
Augusta, ME: Unitarian Universalist Community Church Over 150 session plans, continuing additions. Themes include: Celebrations, Congregational Life, Beliefs, Life Passages, Witness.

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