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Ministry Network
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We recognize and honor the Network members. Below is a listing by
1) Congregational members (and may include individuals who are members).
2) Individual members in a congregation that is not a Congregational member.

If you don't see your congregation on the list, talk to your minister or the current coordinator(s) of your Small Group Ministry or Covenant Group program. Encourage them to join and support the UU SGM Network with a Congregational Membership! Membership may have lapsed but renewal is easy.
To report a change in contact person or inquire about the status of your Membership, write to membership@smallgroupministry.net.

Welcome to the MEMBERS SECTION of the Network Website!

Congregations must have active codes designated by the Network and a password determined by the member in order to access the Members Section.
If you are not yet a Network member, please see Join the Network for information


Information on the Profiles includes the size of the congregation and program, the length of time in existence, how groups are formed, and successes and challenges. Implemented June 2014.

SMALL GROUP MINISTRY Modules or outlines for workshops in congregations, with groups of congregations and larger conferences. These include a wide range of topics related to Small Group Ministry/Covenant Groups. (In development)

SGM Coordinators/Leadership
Religious Educators who are individual members, or are part of a congregation that is a member.

Members are invited to share resources through the Network. Ongoing sharing, such as session plans, will continue on the general Network website. Additional resources that Members would like to share, such as manuals, policies, etc. will be only in this section.

Membership renewals to keep your access active:
1. A month before membership is due, an e-mail will be sent to the congregational contact persons and individuals who initially joined via check. Members who joined online are billed by PayPal on their due date.
2. If renewal has not been received within 2 months of the date due, an e-mail message will notify the membership contact that access to the Member Section will terminate on a specific date. Access can be re-activated ONLY with membership renewal.
3. Members are encouraged to complete an initial or updated Profile when submitting membership.



Joseph Priestly District
Enter SGM or Small Group Ministry in the Search on the Home Page. This will give you the latest multiple references on the site.

Northern New England District
Describes Small Group Ministry, resources and contact information. Includes session plans.

First Universalist Church UU, Auburn, ME
Check Church Groups. Gives description and contact information.

UU Community Church, Augusta, ME
Small Group Ministry. Gives description of Small Group Ministry. Session plans to be noted.

UU Church of Saco and Biddeford, Saco, ME
Under Groups: Small Group Ministry. Gives background information, current program, how to register for a group, contact information.

Second Congregational Church, Concord, NH
Under Programs, Covenant Groups. Description of Covenant Groups, and notes samples of topics.

UU Congregation at Shelter Rock, Manhasset, NY.
Click on Spirituality/Spiritual Growth. This brings up a link to Small Group Ministry. Gives overview of Small Group Ministry, the times for group meetings and Small Group Ministry Open House dates, and name of contact.

First Unitarian Society of Schenectady, NY
Website: Click circle at top, "How we serve and care," then "Spiritual Activities" to reach Covenant Circles. Gives overview of Covenant Circles and a contact.

Community Church of Chapel Hill UU, NC
Located under Groups: Covenant Groups. Program description, notes from participants, contact information.

UU Fellowship of Winston-Salem, NC
Located under Ministry: Connections.
Gives background, contact information

Main Line Unitarian Church, Devon, PA
See Visitors on the Home page, then Small Group Ministry. Discusses Small Group Ministry and gives some of the topics.

UU Church of Chattanooga, TN
Small Group Ministry. Gives vision, purpose, connection within the congregation, contact information.

Live Oak UU Church, Cedar Park, TX
Under About Live Oak, see Chalice Circles. Brief description and contact.

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