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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who We Are - The UU Small Group Ministry Network

We've just made some updates to our website to include more information about who we are. You may visit this page here or read the updates below.


For more information about Unitarian Universalism, we suggest that you go to the web site of the Unitarian Universalist Association at, especially the Visitors Section. The Unitarian Universalist Small Group Ministry Network interacts with congregations and with the Association.

About the NETWORK

The UU Small Group Ministry Network is a grassroots organization of Unitarian Universalist congregations, small group ministry / covenant group, group leaders, and participants.

Our mission is to help create healthy Unitarian Universalist congregations and a vital Unitarian Universalist movement by promoting and supporting Small Group Ministry.

Small Group Ministry is transforming lives, congregations and our liberal religious movement. We are helping by facilitating the exchange of resources and information through this site and Covenant Group News, developing new resources, organizing regional small group ministry conferences. The Network has a booth, workshops, and discussion at General Assembly (the annual meeting of the congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association).

Our By-Laws
Contact Us


Steve Becker, Board, Seattle, WA
Steve is looking forward to serving the Board from Seattle, Washington, as a member of the University Unitarian Church. A lifelong Unitarian, Steve brings over 10 years of experience as an Adult RE teacher, Social Justice activist, and membership trainer, and most recently he has served at the East Shore Unitarian Church as the Chair of their Membership Committee. He has belonged to a Covenant Circle for four years while at East Shore, where he has developed new lesson topics and helped facilitate one of the

Diana Dorroh, Board President, Baton Rouge, LA
Diana was involved in the startup of the covenant group program at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge in 1999 and have served as program coordinator since then. The program now has about 190 members and 18 groups. She has participated in panels organized by Rev. Bob Hill, at the district level and at GA. She also serve as a volunteer staff Program Director at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge and was a participant at the UUSGM Network 2005 Ferry Beach Conference.

Anne Haynes, Board, Bloomington, IN
Anne has been a UU and a member of the UU Church of Bloomington, Indiana since 1981, and has held various lay leadership positions there, including congregational President. She and her husband Chris participated in the Small Group Ministry week at Ferry Beach in 2005, and for the last two years were involved in starting the Chalice Circles program in their congregation. Anne first experienced small group ministry as a member of an Evensong group, and passionately believes small group ministry meets many needs for our congregants and congregational life. She has been co-chair of the small group ministry implementation committee and now its executive team at UUCB and is looking forward to the church’s second year of Chalice Circles. She also facilitates one of the groups.

Susan Hollister, Board Treasurer, Newton Square, PA
Susan is a member of Main Line Unitarian Church in Devon, PA, near Philadelphia. She is a registered dietitian and mother of two grown children, Rebecca and Nathan, third-generation UUs. Susan first experienced a small group while attending the Unitarian Society of New Haven in CT. The concept was just in the talking stage when she and husband, Alan, moved to Pennsylvania and joined MLUC in 2002. Knowing SGM was an ideal way for newcomers to meet people and make connections, Susan joined the implementation committee and helped launch the program. She facilitates a Monday morning group, sits on the steering committee, and currently serves as co-chair of the SGM Program. Susan helped start a needlework group at MLUC and belongs to one of its book groups. An avid gardener, she heads to the woodland on most fine days to nurture native plants and create a wildlife haven.

Walter LeFlore, Board, Stow, MA
Walter has been involved in a small group ministry program for over three years at this point. Hewas a member of the planning and design team that initially introduced small group ministry to First Parish of Stow and Acton, MA. He is in his third year as one of many facilitators in a church with over 100 small group members. From his prior professional life as an organization consultant, he has long been a great fan of small group process. He joined the Network Board because he very much wants to support congregations using the Small Group Ministry process. If done well, he believes SGM has the ability to not only help but to enthuse and transform the life and spirit of individual congregations.

Mary Ann Terry, Isle of Palms, SC
MaryAnn is enthusiastic about Small Group Ministry. She is an active lay leader at the Unitarian Church in Charleston, South Carolina where she serves as coordinator of Connecting Circles (their name for SGM) where, among other things, she helps train group facilitators. She participated in the Small Group Ministry Week at Ferry Beach in Saco, Maine in 2005. She spends her summers in New Hampshire where she attends the Star King UU Fellowship in Plymouth. She is pleased to be serving on the Board, helping promote Small Group Ministry in our movement.

Helen Zidowecki, Litchfield, ME
Helen has been involved with Small Group Ministry for over 10 years. She is a member of the Augusta, ME, congregation, where she is a facilitator and on the Topics Committee. Her special interest is Small Group Ministry in Lifespan Faith Development, and smaller congregations. She leads workshops and writes materials, including curricula using Small Group Ministry (see ). Helen is a Minister of Religious Education, and actively involved in Small Group Ministry on the district level. She resides in Litchfield, ME.



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