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Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Peacemaking Small Group Sessions

Download the Peacemaking Small Group Sessions HERE:

The Peacemaking Congregational Study Action Issue (CSAI) Core Team announced that the Spring 2007 Peacemaking CSAI program materials are now available from the Commission of Social Witness (CSW) website (

Three sets of materials have been developed for congregational use:

  1. a script and materials for an introductory workshop on the topic of peacemaking that can be organized by volunteers in local congregations

  2. a set of session plans that can be used for discussion in small groups

  3. a Resource Guide which lists books, articles, films, websites and other resources that can be used by groups or individuals to explore peacemaking issues.

The small group session plans can be used either in existing small group ministry (covenant) groups or in new groups created to be part of the denomination’s exploration of peacemaking.

The sessions cover five aspects of peacemaking:

  1. an introduction to concepts and definitions,
  2. interpersonal and congregational peacemaking
  3. building a culture of peace
  4. structural violence
  5. international peacemaking.

The Core Team encourages UU congregations to use their great creativity in adapting these materials to better fit their needs, or in developing entirely new programs on peacemaking! The Team requests feedback from all participating churches on what seemed to work well and what did not. This will provide extremely helpful information for preparing next year’s program materials which will be available in September 2007.

Individuals interested in helping with the Peacemaking CSAI process are encouraged to sign up for one of the national working groups (see the CSW website ), or to take leadership within their congregations in implementing peacemaking study programs.

Submitted by Judy Morgan

Download the Peacemaking Small Group Sessions HERE:

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